“Tasha is a loving mother to her 3 wonderful children, a caring and supportive friend, a successful entrepreneur who solely built her business from scratch and can help you do the same providing guidance, support, and education you need.

She is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better. I am blessed being her friend and part of her doTERRA team.” - Yuliya L.

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“Tasha values responsibility and high ethics. Tasha loves to learn and will listen to your story if you let her. Tasha will use her knowledge to help you create a plan that helps you achieve your desired outcome. She will remember your story and plan and when opportunities that seem unique to you present themselves to her, she will think of you- and maybe even text you. I had the pleasure of sharing my story with Tasha at one of dōTERRA’s co-impact source trips in Kona, HI and am blessed not just with texts, but her friendship. Thank you Tasha for being you!” - Grace B.

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“Tasha is someone you can trust and believes with a passion in what she cares for in her life ! Her strength and ability to commit and find solutions and not problems is her strong point! This is the kind of friend I can count on and would trust with my children! She is a super human being!” - Kyra K.

Essential Oils Testimonials

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"Tasha is a principled, fearless and loving woman with imagination and a vision for a world that is healthy and loving. Tasha inspires through example rather than personal promotion, which means she is sincere and authentic. I met Tasha well over a decade ago while we both contributed to social justice work we found mutually meaningful and important. In the years since, Tasha has lived an adventurous life and taken risks in her personal growth while providing love and stability for her delightful children." - Alexis S.

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